Enjoy Morocco Close-Up – Away from the Tourist Routes

Pure Nature

Through vast expanses of the desert or deep in the High Atlas mountains, among the cultural treasures of history, unique experiences await you. Eat and sleep under the stars, or in a tent, and experience true relaxation.

Meet Interesting People

Go on a tour with the Berbers. Experience Morocco-Trekking by taking a traditional Moroccan trip visiting colourful markets and enjoying being immersed in the culture of the Berbers while pausing for flat bread and dates.

Personalized Travel

Each tour is customized just for you. By bike and 4x4 over hill and dale, or in a camel caravan in the Sahara, there is no better way to visit imperial cities and discover Marrakesh than personalized Morocco-Trekking.

A thrilling adventure

It only takes a 3 hour flight to find yourself right in the middle of Marrakesh, where you feel the pulse of the oriental markets, where craftsmen still work in traditional manners dating back to the Middle Ages, where time seems to have stood still and you will experience a berber town with all its fascinating touches.
Join us on a journey to numberless Riads, where the oriental beauty of Arabian Nights will spoil you with colourful mosaics and impressive backyards full of atmosphere and temper. A journey to the royal towns of Marrakesh, Fès, Meknès and Rabat will make your dreams come true.
We are ready to organise; your wish is our command!
Are you looking for vast countrysides and peaceful nature under the starry skies of the Sahara Desert?
Then treat yourself to a time out of desert trekking. You will travel on foot, supported by the easy thread of the dromedare that accompanies you.
Also you will enjoy the delicious berber cooking throughout the journey.
Do you want to experience the country and its people? In south Morocco you will find yourself as close as you can be to all this.
We organise tours to your liking, travelling in private four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles. With local drivers we will be sure to offer you an unforgettable adventure.