Unique experiences in Morocco

Under the Stars

„Silence, the starry sky over you, and the rumbling of the Dromedars of our caravan” ....once discovering this experience, one would like to spend every night in a tent, or in a sleeping bag watching the stars revolve slowly overhead. This is truly how freedom and relaxation are experienced!

Under the Stars

Baking Bread - Under the Open Sky

Preparing the fire pit, kneading the dough, watching it slowly rise, and the fresh, fragrant smell of warm bread. Whether in a desert of sand, or one of a dry, clay surface, the nomads use traditional methods to bake their daily bread, which is an important staple of their diet.

Baking Bread - Under the Open Sky

Sweet Snacks in the Desert

After a long hike through the desert, recharging your batteries with the sugar sweet taste of persimmons and dates on the tongue is a delight. Dates are a vital source of energy for the nomads in the Saraha and just 6 dates per day are enough for a nomad making his way through the dunes and the stony wastes as he searches for the next oasis.

date palm

Amazing Natural Diversity

Whether it is the flowering almond trees in spring, the tamarisk tree trunks in the sand of the Sahara, or the majestic crown of the acacia tree, the diversity of large and small plants in Morocco knows no limits.

Fossils decorate the scenery as well, and are silent witnesses to ancient times inviting you to enjoy and discover the wonders around you.

intertwined trunks of tamarisk

The Gold of the Berber

The argan tree grows only in the south-western area of Morocco. From the nut like kernels of the fruit of this tree, argan oil is produced for use in the kitchen and for personal cosmetics as well. Traditionally, women organize themselves in cooperatives for the processing of this resource. A visit to one such cooperative reveals the complex techniques necessary for processing the argon kernels.

Argan oil - The Gold of the Berber