Tour Suggestion

"The Beginner Tour"

A desert trek for 2-3 days gives beginners an excellent opportunity to experience the Sahara and is the perfect complement to a visit to Marrakesh, a tour of the imperial cities, or the High Atlas Mountains.

The Beginner Tour - Desert Trekking in the Sahara

The Ideal Complement to the Tour

Dive into the desert experience with a 4-5 day tour that takes you deeper into the varied experiences of the Sahara. Gain insights into the habits of the nomads and learn to walk in the calming rhythm of the camels. This desert stay can ideally be combined with a busy and colourful visit to Marrakesh, or part of a longer trip to Morocco.

Take Time Out from Everyday Life

On a 9 day trek you can leave the everyday life far behind. No mobile phone in the backpack, just the basic necessities and being pampered by Berber hospitality, which truly leaves nothing to be desired. During the return to Marrakesh via the High Atlas Mountains, a drive through the Drâatal, the longest date oasis, and down to Zagora in the south at the edge of the Sahara, you are guaranteed two weeks of recovery.

Mit der Kamelkarawane über das Gebirge


The base price per person/per day in the desert is 85 Euro. This price includes all meals and drinking water, as well as tents, camping mats, and blankets for the night.

Several guides will ensure the well-being of the guests. Dromedaries for riding, as well as serving as beasts of burdens, are provided in sufficient numbers and are also included in the price.