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Cristina Berchtold

Personal Details

Cristina Berchtold was born in 1963 in Zurich and today lives in Unterstammheim. Her love of travel and the discovery of other countries and their cultures was fostered at an early age and she shares that with her grown daughters today. Growing up as a devoted naturalist led Cristina to train as a nurse in the fields of herbal and naturopathic medicine, a field in which she is still active and practicing in her own buisness as massage and aromatherapist at Winterthur "odorata.ch".

Cristina loves to have contact with people from diverse backgrounds and she enjoys sharing her passion for cooking with many friends in distant lands.

Cristina Berchtold - The Morocco Connoiseur and Travel Companion

The Morocco Connoiseur and Travel Companion

Cristina Berchtold first met Youssef’s family in 2009 on a trip to Morocco, and she was so impressed by the land and its people during a desert trek in the Sahara, that she immediately booked a second trip the following year. From the joy of that first trip, Cristina developed a passion for all things Moroccan and today she has many friends there and has developed a working knowledge of its many fine places. She is always ready to share her interesting knowledge about Moroccan sites and its people and she is very happy to accompany you on personalized camel treks.

Cristina Berchtold - The Morocco Connoiseur and Travel Companion