Traditional Food – A Savory Experience

Time for Socializing

The preparation of traditional Moroccan dishes takes a lot of time and so they are often cooked for hours in steamy heat while enjoying a very cordial atmosphere.

After the traditional washing of the hands before the meal, the food is traditionally eaten with the right hand. There is always plenty of water for drinking, but alcohol can only be found in the finer restaurants and is reserved for tourists.

Sweet Seduction

Tea is the national drink of Morocco and any time of day is “tea time”. Moroccan tea is Chinese green tea mixed with Moroccan mint and lots(!) of sugar. Wherever you look, you will often find a chased metal tray with a teapot and tea glasses decorated with flower motifs.

Sweet Seduction

Couscous – Not Just for Friday

Couscous is common all over North Africa and is made from durum semolina (coarse wheat), which is hand-rolled in a time-consuming fashion. It is a fragrant, but light, side-dish used traditionally to accompany meat dishes and served with vegetables and chick peas, depending on availability.

Couscous – Not Just for Friday

Stews in all Variations

Tagine is probably the country’s most typical dish and is cooked for hours on charcoal in special ceramic pots with distinctive, inverted vase shaped covers. Whether it is cooked with vegetables and potatoes, or with olives and dates, there are no boundaries to the taste variations of this meal. This tasty dish is served with freshly baked bread which also serves as an eating utensil.