Personal Details

Youssef was born around 1985 and spent 10 years at school but the beginning was difficult because Berber languages were not spoken in the schools and no Berber traditions were taught either. However, Youssef learned Arabic and immediately after finishing school, studied English in Agadir for a year. Unfortunately, his studies were cut short due to lack of funds, despite working in the tourism sector to try and support his education. Youssef is a Berber nomad on the inside, but as a result of his successes in modern civilization, he has excellent computer skills, speaks English, French and Spanish, and has a talent for organization.


Father & Family

Youssef’s father had seven children from his first marriage, and eight children from his second marriage, from which Youssef was one of three boys and five girls. In 1992, the mothers lived with their children in a small village called Tafraut, where the boys went to school. During the three months of summer holidays, the whole family would join Youssef’s father in the desert.

Youssef was a fast learner and his father was a gifted desert expert who instilled in him much of his knowledge and wisdom. His father also specialized in training dromedaries, had an in-depth knowledge of naturopathy and pulling teeth, and was also a good musician who sometimes played at weddings. He died in 1996 when Youssef was about 11 years old.

Your Guide in Morocco

Youssef’s open and communicative nature lends him the ability to respond spontaneously to his client’s wishes and needs. He is well-known and integrated in his immediate environment and throughout Morocco. These traits, plus being an excellent organizer, make an excellent combination of qualities in a guide who specializes in bringing the beauties of Morocco closer to his guests. Whether he is in the desert, or on the road in 4x4 vehicles, he is a gracious host and excellent cook.

The Swiss Connection

Youssef has worked since 2004 to foster and encourage individuals from Switzerland to explore the different modes of travel in his region. Over time, his many desert treks and guided tours have established him as a trusted and reliable guide who has developed many friendships with Swiss tourists, and also tourists from many other countries as well.